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Full Paper Submission Date:30-11-2016

The Authors are advised to follow the Article Structure Format on any of the topics listed under energy topics below. If there is no appropriate topic of their liking, they may choose of their own and specify in the article format. The Accepted papers will be published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy after going through the peer review process.

Energy Topics

International Conference on Energy for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (ICEEES2016) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Advances on Clean Energy Research. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

      1. New Energy International Cooperation
        1. New Energy Sources, Devices, Environment and Sustainable Development
        2. Global New Energy Policy, Strategy and Opportunity
        3. Clean Energy Investment and Commercialization
      2. New Energy Storage and Smart Grid Technologies
        1. Global Market Trends for New Energy Storage
        2. Advanced Energy Storage Technologies
        3. Grid Integration & Energy Storage for Renewable Energies
        4. Smart Transmission, Distribution and Communications
        5. Smart Grid Regulation, Policy and Investment
      3. Solar Energy
        1. Advances of Solar Energy Industry
        2. Performance and Reliability of Solar Photovoltaics
        3. New Materials for Solar Cells
        4. Thin-Film Photovoltaics
        5. Solar Thermal Power
        6. Solar Energy Products and Applications
      4. Wind Energy
        1. Environmental Impact in Global Wind Energy Project
        2. Wind Turbine Technology, Systems and Components
        3. Wind Farm Construction, Management and Operation
        4. Developments in the Offshore Wind Industry
        5. Wind Energy Market, Investment and Commercialization
      5. Nuclear Energy
        1. Global Nuclear Energy Outlook, Policy and Finance
        2. Nuclear Power Technology and International Cooperation
        3. Nuclear Construction and Supply Chain
        4. Nuclear Fuel Supply, Cycle and Waste Management
        5. Nuclear Safety, Protection, Nuclear Contamination and Risk Control
        6. Nuclear Reactor and Safety Design
        7. Thorium and 238U Reactors
        8. Fusion Reactor?
      6. Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology
        1. Outlook on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
        2. Hydrogen Production, Transport, Storage and Distribution
        3. Hydrogen Vehicles
      7. Fuel Cell Technologies and Applications
        1. Energy
        2. Batteries
        3. AMTEC
      8. Ocean energy and Hydro
        1. Hydropower
        2. Helio-hydro
        3. Ocean Currents
        4. Tides
        5. Waves
      9.  New Energy Sources and Technologies
        1. Geothermal Energy
        2. Bio-fuel
        3. Unconventional Oil and Gas, Carbon Clean Coal etc.
        4. New Energy Cars and Electric Vehicles
        5. Emerging Superconductor Technologies
        6. Energy-efficient and Energy-saving Technologies
      10. Sustainability
        1. Sustainable development
        2. Sustainable education
        3. Sustainable energy technologies in the built environment
        4. Sustainable environment and health
        5. Waste management and recycling
      11. Energy Production, Storage, Transmission, Conservation, Environmental, Safety  and Health Aspects of Nano Materials

        1. Conventional energy sources
        2. Renewable energy sources
        3. Solar cells
        4. Fuel cells
        5. Hydrogen storage
        6. Batteries
        7. Supercapacitors
        8. Smart Grids and Control
        9. Energy-Efficient Transportation
        10. Zero energy buildings
        11. Environmental contamination and toxicology
        12. Life cycle assessment and green energy
        13. Hazard Analysis and Safety Procedures
      12. Changing Role of Energy in Economic Development

                                        A. Impact of Energy on Economic Development
                                        B. Economic Growth and Energy Crisis
                                        C. Industrial output and Energy Crisis
                                        D. Energy Market Volatility and Economic Growth
                                        E. Economic structural change in petroleum supply
                                        F. Modeling extreme events in energy markets
                                        G. Integrating renewable into power generation
                                        H. The role of IT in alleviating energy poverty
                                        I. The role of carbon taxes in sustainable energy markets
                                        J. Electric vehicles and the market for liquid transport fuels
                                        K. Energy usage and urban sustainability
                                        L. Energy substitution and sustainable development

                            13. Post conference workshops 

                                                    A. Researcher and entrepreneur interaction for developing alternate energy options.
                                        B. Energy courses: what and how to teach?

                            14. New Energy Device and Equipment Expo Exhibition Scope:

          1. Solar Energy
          2. Wind Energy
          3. Nuclear Energy
          4. Hydrogen Energy
          5. Fuel Cell
          6. Geothermal Energy
          7. New Energy Storage
          8. Smart Grid
          9. Unconventional Oil and Gas, Carbon Clean Coal
          10. Superconductor Technologies
          11. New Energy Vehicles
          12. Hydropower
          13. New Energy Materials
          14. Energy-saving Technologies
          15. Other New Energies

    Social Activities

    • Conference Banquets
    • Field Trip to Historical and Scenic Sights

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