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Welcome to Participants of International Conference for Environmental and Economical Sustainability (ICEEES 2016), 20 – 23 October 2016,

Lahore, Pakistan

Fossil Fuels (i.e., petroleum, natural gas and coal), which meet most of the world’s energy demand today, are being depleted fast. Also, their combustion products are causing the global problems, such as the global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion, acid rains, oxygen depletion and pollution. They are posing great danger for our environment and eventually for the life in our planet. Earth’s temperatures are rising, there are more heat waves around the world, droughts are increasing, storms and hurricanes are becoming stronger, and rains and floods are growing. Oceans are rising, low lands are disappearing, and salt water intrusion is growing. Pollution in major cities is increasing. Since fossil fuels are producing more carcinogens than smoking cigarettes, number of people with lung cancer is increasing, although cigarette smoking is decreasing. Since the discharge temperatures for the thermal and nuclear power plants are rising as a result of global warming, efficiencies and outputs of such power plants are decreasing. Climate change is causing the natural disasters to grow. As a result, insurance companies insuring against natural disasters have been losing money for the last decade or so. As a result, they have become the biggest champions of the environmental and economical sustainability. Many engineers and scientists agree that solution to the above described global problems would be replacing the utilization of fossil fuels by environmentally compatible sustainable energy systems. Under the leadership of Professor Dr. Arfin Lodhi, an important International Conference has been organized in beautiful Lahore, Pakistan, covering the scientific, technological, environmental, economical and sustainability aspects of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, geothermal energy, energy storage, smart grids, superconductors, new energy vehicles, energy materials, energy-saving technologies, clean coal technologies, and sustainable energy systems. Because of the foregoing, I urge all engineers, scientists and decision makers, who are involved in sustainable energies directly or indirectly, to contribute to and participate in the International Conference for Economic and Environmental Sustainability. This will bring us closer to the age of clean, renewable, economical and sustainable energy.

T. Nejat Veziroglu President , International Association for Hydrogen Energy

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